Bringing You The Taste of Guatemala

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Gento through our coffee club subscription. Learn more about their story below and get your subscription started today.

Bringing a taste of Guatemala directly to your cup!


The Gento Story

Gento is a third generation coffee producing family. While the Don Roberto variety is named after their beloved grandfather, this coffee is produced on their boutique specialty coffee farm, farmed by the family’s mother, Ellen Prentice, and managed by her daughter Ashley. She has managed the farm for ten years focused on producing high quality, specialty coffee, using sustainable practices and a vision to better the lives of the women around her. With volcanic pumice soil, high altitudes and plenty of rain, the soil on the farm produces coffee with a deep and balanced flavor. The remarkable quality of Don Roberto coffee is the result of their hard work and family tradition.

As they like to say, enjoy Quality that Empowers!

At Kebon, we are thrilled to be championing the women farmers of Gento in Guatemala.
Bringing world-class, women-grown coffee directly to your cup.

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