Did You Know? Ugandan Coffee

Did you know?
Did you know that Uganda grows and exports delicious, high quality, specialty coffee?


Like its neighbor Kenya, widely regarded as a coffee mecca, Uganda has some spectacular growing regions for the Arabica fuel that we all adore.

Uganda boasts richly fertile land, with volcanic soil to the east and west, and plenty of rainfall. Certain parts of the country have two harvests: April to June and October to February. The combination of ample sun and rain allows for the full and complex development of coffee flavors, resulting in a better cup for your morning jump start.

Our Ugandan coffee partner, Endiro Coffee, produces some of the best Ugandan coffee available. All with the following promises:

Single Village Harvest
Sustainably Produced
Organically Grown
Planet and People Friendly

We are thrilled to bring them to you along with our other exquisite varieties.

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What is the best way to enjoy your Ugandan deliciousness?

I prefer to grind our Ugandan medium roast each morning, releasing the natural oils and aromas and ensuring the highest degree of freshness. I use a french press, but a Chemex works well too! If you have a machine, don’t fret, your coffee will taste amazing. I drink it black, with no added milks or sugar, to really taste the intricacies of the dried cherry and spice.

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