How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

How To Make A Good Cup Of Coffee - Kebon

Coffee — the most treasured beverage of early risers, insomniac university students, and all those who like to indulge in the finer things in life. Brewing that perfect cup is practically a fine art. But have you ever wondered how to make coffee without a coffee maker? There are several methods you could use.

In case you don’t own a coffee maker or you’re stranded on an island without one, we’ve got you covered! We have prepared an extensive guide on how to make the best coffee with items and ingredients you already have lying around. As a result, you’ll get that caffeine boost you’ve been craving without compromising the taste.

Method #1: Turkish Coffee

The secret to good Turkish coffee is the brewing method, not a specific type of coffee. One of the most important things to have in mind is that the beans need to be very finely ground compared to those we use for espresso. Brewing and drinking Turkish coffee is a one-of-a-kind experience, and here’s how to make a cup of coffee step by step.

You’ll Need:

  • Small pot, or ideally, a cezve
  • Measuring cup
  • Teaspoon


First, you’ll need to measure 5 ounces of water. Pour it into a pot and put it over medium heat. Then, add one full teaspoon of coffee and sugar to taste. Don’t stir anything at this point. As the water starts to heat, both the sugar and the coffee can sink to the bottom.

Now you can reduce the heat and stir your coffee. Once the mixture starts to simmer, you’ll be able to see some foam forming on top. This type of coffee is boiled two times in succession. Therefore, once the foam starts to rise, remove the pot, stir, and then return the pot to the stove so that it can boil one more time. Pour it into a cup, allow some time so that the beans can settle down, and enjoy.

Turkish Coffee

Method #2: Faux French Press

If you want to learn how to make a coffee without a coffee maker, this is by far the most popular method there is. You won’t need an actual French press for this — a deep pot or a mason jar will do the trick. This way of making coffee is perfect for all those situations when you want to enjoy a good cup, but you’re stranded somewhere far from civilization.

You’ll Need:

  • Coarsely ground coffee
  • Hot water
  • Small pot
  • Deep bowl
  • Spoon
  • Mug


Pour the water into the pot and leave it on the stove. In the meantime, measure out your coffee and put it in a bowl. Pour a small amount of water so that it covers and saturates the ground beans completely. Wait for around 30 seconds, and then pour the rest of the water. Let the coffee sit for 4 minutes, then press the grounds to the bottom of the jar. Pour the coffee carefully into your mug, and voila — you’ve got yourself some faux French press coffee.

Faux French Press

Method #3: The “Bag It” Method

Those of you who want an easy way out and wish to learn how to make coffee without any hassle should try this brewing method. It’s almost like brewing tea without the herbal aftertaste but with all the perks of caffeine. Fun fact — this is how the French used to brew their coffee in the 18th century.

You’ll Need:

  • Filter
  • String
  • Kettle
  • Measuring cup


Put the filter on a flat surface and measure out your coffee. Create a makeshift teabag by tying the ends of the filter tightly. Put the “teabag” into a mug, and pour the water you had previously boiled just enough to soak the beans. Leave it for 30 seconds, and then pour the rest of the water. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes. Afterward, you can toss out the bag and enjoy your coffee. 

The “Bag It” Method

Method #4: The “Hanky” Method

Our final method is for those of you who want to learn how to make coffee in a more rustic, wholesome way. This way of brewing is much cheaper, but it requires some patience on your end. However, the final results are completely worth the effort.

You’ll Need:

  • Coffee beans
  • Water
  • Clothespins
  • Mason jar
  • Hanky


Put the hanky over your jar and secure it with clothespins or paper clips. Make sure you press the hanky down so that you can create some space for the coffee. Put an adequate amount of ground coffee onto the hankey and pour a small amount of water. Leave it for 30 seconds, and then pour the rest of the water. Once everything settles, remove the hanky and enjoy.

Now that you know how to make perfect coffee without the aid of a coffee maker, it’s time to select high-quality coffee beans. Kebon single-origin coffee beans will help you create a perfect cup of joe, regardless of the brewing method.