How to Make Espresso Without an Espresso Maker

How To Make Espresso - Kebon

The infamous espresso has been around for many years, and its popularity keeps increasing. This small but powerful caffeine bomb is enjoyed by millions of people across the world every single day.

But the science behind making that perfect cup of coffee is fairly simple — it’s nothing to fear. So, if you don’t know how to make espresso, you can simply rely on an espresso maker to do all the work for you. But what if you are on a budget and want to learn how to make espresso at home without spending ridiculous amounts of money on a top-notch espresso machine?

Don’t fret because we’ve got everything covered. We will discuss three alternative brewing methods and figure out the best way to make espresso at home. Before we start, though, you’ll need to acquire some basics like an electric kettle with temperature control, a decent coffee grinder, a scale with a timer, and most importantly, top-quality coffee beans.

Method #1: The AeroPress

Those who want to learn how to make espresso at home are often left intimidated by AeroPress. We’ll let you in on a little secret — the key to getting a decent cup of espresso is in the amount of pressure you generate. The greater the pressure, the more flavorful your espresso will be.

Step 1

First, you’ll need to prep your AeroPress for further use. Rinse and place the filter of your choosing inside the drain cap, and then place both of them inside the press compartment. Then put those over a cup or a mug of your choosing.

Step 2

Next, grind your beans — the finer they are, the more aromatic your coffee will turn out. Once you’re done, add approximately two tablespoons of ground coffee into the filter.

Step 3

Finally, prepare the water adequately since it can affect the taste of espresso. It should be fresh and brought to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Then you can pour it over, stir and press down the plunger as hard as you can. And voila, this is how to make espresso without a machine.

Method #2: The Moka Pot

If you want to learn how to make espresso without a machine using a more traditional brewing method, then the Moka Pot should be your top pick. These elegant pieces are great for those who want to learn how to make espresso with a slightly less intense flavor. Plus, they are super easy to use.

Step 1

First, you need to measure your coffee beans. Two tablespoons are the golden rule of coffee making. Then, grind them as finely as possible.

Step 2

Next, fill the bottom of your Moka Pot with water, making sure it’s just below the valve. Then, pour your ground coffee beans into the filter, and shake to help them settle. Tightly screw the top part onto the base, and put it on the burner set on medium heat.

Step 3

Wait for the water to boil, and once the coffee starts to expand and hazel brown foam starts to appear, remove the pot from the stove. All you’re left to do is to pour and enjoy your cup of joe.

Method #3: The French Press

Our final method of making espresso without a machine is by using the infamous French Press. If you like more sustainable alternatives, the French Press is a great substitute for AeroPress. It is even more versatile because you can use it to create milk foam for other coffee-based beverages.

Step 1

As usual, you need to grind your coffee first. However, this time you’ll need a larger amount of coffee beans since coffee brewed with a French Press is not as potent.

Step 2

Next, warm up your water. Its temperature should be close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal results. In the meantime, add the ground coffee to the French Press.

Step 3

Then, add a splash of water to your coffee, and let it sit for half a minute. This will help release all of the delicious aromas and flavors.

Step 4

Pour the rest of the water, close the lid, and leave it to steep for four minutes.

Step 5

Finally, press the plunger halfway slowly. Then raise it all the way to the top and press it again using the same amount of pressure.

So, can you make espresso without a machine? The answer is clearly yes. Each of these methods will help you brew a flavorful cup of coffee. The only thing left for you to do is to obtain high-quality coffee beans. Kebon coffee is a great choice if you are a fan of espresso. Our beans are always fresh, and their delicious aroma will make your mornings all the more enjoyable.