How to Make the Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

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Although cold brew was invented several centuries ago, it has gained popularity only recently. What makes cold brew so special is its brewing method. Namely, rather than boiling water and pouring it over ground coffee, this beverage is made by steeping coffee in water at a low temperature. The process itself lasts for several hours, and you’re left with coffee that is far less acidic and much sweeter than its regular counterpart.

As the popularity of iced and cold coffee variants grows, we believe that cold brew will stay in demand for quite some time.

For that reason, we have prepared a guide for all coffee lovers. By following a series of simple steps, you will learn how to make cold brew coffee you can enjoy every day.

About Cold Brew Coffee

You might be wondering what makes cold brew coffee so special and how it is different from regular iced coffee. The answer is quite simple — iced coffee is normally made with espresso, whereas cold brew coffee is a tad more complex. Those who know how to make cold brew coffee are aware of the process, which involves steeping your coffee beans for at least 24 hours.

The exposure of beans to water and adequate temperature leads to coffee that’s incredibly rich in flavor. Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s how to make perfect cold brew coffee.

What You’ll Need

  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder
  • Paper filter
  • Fine-mesh bag
  • String
  • Container
  • Ice

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Steps for Making Cold Brew Coffee

The first thing you need to do is purchase high-quality coffee beans and obtain any items you may not have at home. Once you do that, prepare your working area, measure the coffee beans, and line your container of choice with a mesh bag.

The amount of water and coffee you’ll use really depends on the size of your batch. We recommend using four cups of ice-cold, filtered water. This way, you’ll create something we call a cold-brew concentrate you can dilute with water, milk, syrups, etc. Then, grind your coffee using the coarsest setting on your coffee grinder.

Next, put the ground coffee in the paper filter and into the mesh at the bottom of your container. Pour two cups of water and let it soak for approximately 30 seconds. Before you pour the remaining water, make sure you tie the filter with a string. Put a lid over your container and let the coffee steep for 18-24 hours, and there you have it, the best cold brew coffee you can enjoy at home.

Why Should You Cold Brew Your Coffee?

Now that you know how to make perfect cold brew coffee, here are some reasons why this beverage is superior to all other iced coffee variants.

The process itself pulls all the best elements coffee has to offer, caffeine and flavor combined. This leaves you with equally potent coffee without the bitter aftertaste.

You can also control the strength of the brew by adjusting the water/beans ratio. Plus, since you can make large batches at once, it will give you some extra time in the morning you can spend in bed instead.

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How to Serve Cold Brewed Coffee

If you recall, we’ve mentioned that our recipe was that of a cold brew concentrate, meaning you can spruce it up to fit your personal preferences. Traditionally, cold brew coffee is served with lots of ice, but you can always warm it up if you prefer hot coffee.

Those with a sweet tooth can add different syrups and spices. If the coffee concentrate is too strong, you can always dilute it with some water or milk of choice. What’s great about cold brew coffee is that it tastes great regardless of how you choose to drink it.

Tips for Success

Here are some final tips that will help you make an impeccable cold brew every single time:

  • Always grind your beans coarsely
  • Use filtered water for a sweeter taste.
  • The longer the steeping process, the better the coffee.
  • Use coffee ice cubes for the ultimate undiluted brew.
  • Serve it cold.

Now that you know all of the secrets, it’s time to select top-quality coffee beans. Kebon coffee is always shipped fresh for the ultimate coffee drinking experience. Kebon takes pride in curated, single-origin coffee that will bring you one step closer to the best cold brew coffee. All you’re left to do is to enjoy the flavorful aromas of a homemade brew.

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