How Kebon Investments Work

The engine that powers Kebon is the concept of the Kula, the network, the tribe to seed opportunities for growth. Kebon works as a monthly subscription service. Investors set a monthly investment amount as a social impact investment in a businesswoman from an emerging market such as Indonesia, Nepal, or Uganda.


The women-owned businesses are vetted through an application and due diligence process, after which they are available to match with investors. Each business owner will present investment opportunities that are highlighted on the website for investors to explore. As the network grows, women in businesses from around the world support each other and learn from each other.


To continue the cycle, $5 from every monthly investment goes to support girl’s education in the Kula’s region, planting the seeds of knowledge and entrepreneurship in the next generation. 5% of each transaction will go towards maintaining and growing our network.


Founder's Stories

Kallisto Designs

Samita Munankarmi, Nepal

Smarapura Resto

Bayu Tambunan, Indonesia

Seniman Coffee Studio

Edira Putri, Indonesia

How to Join

Join Kebon as an Investor

Joining Kebon as an investor is a way to share your resources as a woman in business; not only through financial patronage, but by offering your invaluable experience to foster the growth of other professional women around the globe. By engaging with your Kula, you can create a real-world impact that you can see – an impact that will reverberate beyond business.
What separates Kebon from other investments is how personal it is; your impact investments go directly to the women who need it. And it’s not a one time thing. Relationship, mentorship and encouragement are what every entrepreneur needs, with Kebon, we are here for one another, to rise together.


Join the Kebon Kula

Becoming part of the Kebon Kula is more than just accepting investments to grow your business. When you join our Kula, you join a network of women in business dedicated to uplifting each other through knowledge and encouragement. By expanding your support system, you’re afforded insights you can use to take your business to unforeseen heights.
The impact investments you receive can be put towards payroll, purchasing supplies and materials, and any other expenses you may struggle to cover as you build your business. You will provide the needs for the investment opportunities, and we will find the right match. The investment and knowledge you gain through Kebon can be used to make a real-world change in your local community.


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