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Did you know that 5 million women grow coffee around the world?

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The only curated coffee destination that gives you delicious single-origin coffee selections from women-owned coffee businesses around the world.

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Get ready to taste hand-crafted, farm to cup coffees from women coffee growers.

Endiro Coffee, a certified B Corporation, is committed to proving that Ugandan coffee is among the best in the world. Every Step of the process, from growing and harvesting to processing and roasting is overseen, to ensure your next cup will be amazing. The coffee you are holding has been independently scored to meet our specialty standards. Welcome to Better Coffee.

Kebon Marketplace Highlight: Endiro Coffee

Process & Type
Roaster’s tasting notes
Roast profile

Whole Bean 12oz bags

Uganda, Bududa District, Bukalasi Village
Fully Washed Arabica
5800-6097 feet above sea level
Dried cherries, lavender, allspice

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