Producer Highlight: Ellen Prentice

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We know, the best coffee in the world begins with women.

Women are the Kebon difference.

Today we are highlighting one of our spectacular producers, Ellen Prentice. Ellen is the kind of woman who makes us proud to be drinking our Kebon coffee☕️

While women coffee producers are scarce in Latin America, Ellen Prentice, an Agricultural Engineer, started farming right out of college.

She helped her dad renovate an old coffee plantation that was abandoned and turned it into a specialty coffee farm that has won the internationally renowned Cup of Excellence Awards.

Finca de Dios is a boutique Specialty Coffee farm located in the mountains of Fraijanes Guatemala. Ellen meticulously nurtures the farm using sustainable practices and ensures that all the processes are to the highest standards to produce high quality coffees.

Ellen, at her facility in Guatemala, near the growing region of Fraijanes, ready to cup or test the quality of the latest harvest.
What do we mean when we say ‘scarce’???

According to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance roughly 19% of coffee producers in Central America are female. Want to learn more? Follow us on Instagram @KebonCo to learn more about the world of coffee and the females making moves. Want to dig into the research? A great place to start is the IWCA.
Questions? Feel free to reach out, we love to connect!

Kebon exists to deliver you the highest quality coffee, all from women-owned businesses. Every sip will delight your coffee palate and strengthen a global community of women.

We partner with our amazing women-owned coffee companies to connect coffee connoisseurs to their companies. Kebon provides you with ever growing varieties. With every subscription you’re getting, or giving, great taste, variety and ease while helping a woman grow her business.

We are so grateful to have you in our community, sharing our passion and our purpose.

Happy Brewing,