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Costa Rica
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The first time I got to go to Costa Rica was 2008 for a research grant with my University. It was a tremendous exploration of a country I had only known as a postcard picture of a place. While it absolutely lives up to the postcard beauty, there is much to discover about the glorious country of Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica

We are thrilled to present our newest partner, Kathia of Cloza Farms. Since 2001, Kathia, dedicated coffee farmer and entrepreneur, has run the 4th generation coffee farm, focused on improving the quality of their coffee by planting new varieties, and updating facilities and processing techniques. Kathia, a young mother of two boys, is passionate about honoring her legacy, while looking towards the future to ensure her kids fall in love with coffee from a young age, just as she did. A long-time member of the IWCA- (International Women Coffee Alliance – Costa Rica Chapter), she continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Her farm obtained the Women Care Certification, illustrating her commitment to supporting the empowerment of women in the coffee industry.

We know that women succeed, communities thrive. 

In gratitude,