Purchasing with Purpose

This is the season for great coffee. ? ☕️

We think every season is coffee season, but if you’re looking for gift ideas, look no further. A Kebon subscription is what everyone on your list has been waiting for.

High-quality, specialty coffee grown and produced by women globally, delivered to your chosen recipients’ door each month.

You’re done with your list, all is right in the world and now you can enjoy your own steaming, delicious cup of Kebon coffee collective goodness. You’re so good at this!


Coffee Fun Fact

Coffee comes from a flowering bush-like plant that grows cherries, like the ones pictured above. As soon as they ripen, they’re picked, processed and dried. Each cherry contains two or three seeds, which are often called coffee “beans.” The fruit doesn’t taste like any other cherry, but it is edible. The resulting taste of the coffee depends on the growing area, climate, and the production method.


Happy Brewing,