Today we are talking sourcing.

While it looks a bit different right now, ethically and mindfully sourcing the highest quality, women owned coffee is our top priority. We are committed to bringing you the best while amplifying the businesses of our supplier partners. It’s a win win and we love those.

We have been virtually scouring the globe and on ALL the Zoom calls…who can relate!…and are thrilled to be finalizing on new partnerships. We want you to find exciting, new selections here at Kebon with your subscriptions and for your gifts.

How do we test them? Scroll down for some details!

Last week we got to test a handful of new prospects through a process called cupping. The process entails hydrating freshly roasted, ground coffee beans with nearly boiling water, then carefully slurping spoonfuls to identify the tasting notes, the quality and the cupping score.

The beautiful mosaic of coffee tasting notes and aromas✨
Try it at home, see which of these you can identify in your morning Kebon!

Kebon exists to deliver you the highest quality coffee, all from women-owned businesses. Every sip will delight your coffee palate and strengthen a global community of women.

We work hard to bring you a tantalizing variety of the highest quality coffee.

Have a favorite region you want us to include? Let us know! We know you are discerning and we want to surprise and delight.

With every subscription you’re getting, or giving, great taste, variety and ease while helping a woman grow her business.
We are so grateful to have you in our community, sharing our passion and our purpose.

Happy Brewing,