Top Five Creative Uses for Your Kebon Coffee Grounds

Looking for what to do with all those delectable Kebon coffee grounds? We’ve got you covered these top 5 creative ways to use your coffee grounds!


  1. Fertilize your garden

    Coffee attracts worms and helps bring nutrients to your soil and get you ready for spring!

  2. Repel Insects and pests

    Set out bowls of coffee grounds as an insect and pest repellent. We love the smell, but they DO NOT!

  3. Neutralize odors

    Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps mitigate gnarly household smells that sometimes arise. Keep a pouch in your fridge or by the sink and you’ll always be prepared

  4. Use it as an exfoliating scrub

    Simply mix with a little coconut oil add to your shower or bath routine to  help remove dead skin cells and dirt

  5. Tenderize Meat

    Salt, enzymes and acids are the natural tenderizers for meat. Coffee has natural enzymes and acids, making it a great fit. Add coffee grounds to your favorite spice rub and apply to meat two hours before cooking

Have others? We can’t wait to hear, let us know how you are using your grounds #nowaste #coffeelover #coffeegrounds #reuse