We are better together!



We are incredibly grateful for our passionate customers. I want to take a moment today to express the gratitude that we feel daily for those who purchase Kebon coffee, share our story and send amazing pictures and videos of enjoyment. I know each of you have choices galore and that you intentionally purchase excellent coffee that speaks to your impeccable taste while supporting women around the world.

Growing Kebon reinforces so much about what I know as goodness in this world. I know that people do respond to compelling stories and that we do make purposeful purchases. I have seen time after time that when women are supported, the benefits to their own health, their family and their community’s blossom. By choosing Kebon coffee, you are getting the very best quality coffee as you champion women who are actively working to improve the lives around them.

To me, there is no better way to consume. We would love to know what drives your choices! Shoot me a response or hit us up on social media to share your purchasing why’s. This will not only make us better at serving you, but help continue to grow our solidarity as a community.

In gratitude,


A few of our amazing customers loving their Kebon coffee☕️